Moving from Japan to Philadelphia, USA

Shipping from Japan to Philadelphia

Our company, Japan Luggage Express is an international freight forwarder and we offer the services of international moving from Japan to US at reasonable charges. Whether your move is small or large, you can count on us. In fact, a number of people choose our moving company when shipping small amount of personal items as most international moving companies in Japan handle only large shipments that include many pieces of furniture. While we can handle large consignments, if you would like to ship just small amount of things, do not worry. We have good rates even for small moves. As we explain in some other pages of our website, when you ship to East Coast cities such as Philadelphia by ocean, the container vessels for consolidation shipments from Japan arrive in Los Angeles, California. Once the vessel arrives there, shipments to various cities in the US are transported by truck. You can custom clear your shipment in Philadelphia area once the shipment arrives. We have been helping US American people returning to the USA over two decades and have accumulated comprehensive knowledge on moving to the USA from Japan. Whether you are shipping from Japan to California or to the East Coast, we can help you with your move to the USA at competitive charges.

Philadelphia - The City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia is a city of the United States located in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. It is the fifth most populous city in the country according to a census conducted in 2000. The birthplace of the famous Benjamin Franklin, has a metropolitan population of around 5,800,000 inhabitants, is considered to be the birthplace of American democracy and the Revolution was born. Before the emergence Washington DC, Philadelphia was the capital of the Nation (1791-1800) and is now one of the main business centers, tourism and culture. The city is formed by a large number of neighborhoods, each of which has unique features that distinguish it and has two main streets: from north to south is Broad St Street. St. Philadelphia is the site chosen by many college students, housing major institutions such as the University of Lasalle, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Institute of Art.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

The city offers many options to visitors and is characterized by its monuments in honor of freedom and its rich history. For example, it houses two of the most important icons of freedom in the United States. It is important to know that there is a pass that allows access to several attractions for a single price of $ 28.50 for adults and includes visits to sites such as the Academy of Natural Sciences, the City Zoo, Franklin Institute Science Museum and the Port Museum, as well as a stroll through the city in the picturesque Trolleys.

General information on Weather

The city presents a humid subtropical climate, with very cold winters, hot summers and very pleasant springs. The average snowfall varies year by year and temperatures in the 23 ºC in summer and 1 ºC in winter. The city of Philadelphia is just two hours from New York, 3 hours from Washington DC and 1 hour from Atlantic City. The city of Philadelphia was the site where the first United States Constitution was signed in 1786.

Transportation in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in the United States, has a large population and therefore has adequate transport network that allows easy movement of people between different parts of the city.


The city of Philadelphia has long been the site of the best restaurants, which are distributed throughout the city and specialize in various styles of food, such as Cuban, Spanish, Moroccan, Chinese, Japanese, among other. The country's largest mall is located in Philadelphia and is “Gallery” with more than 120 businesses; but they are also excellent “The Shops” in Liberty Place, in the heart of the city and the “King of Prussia” outside. Also in the outskirts is the Franklin Mills shopping center, with a large number of stores that offer products at factory prices (which can also be found in the town of Reading, Pennsylvania). Keep in mind that they usually offer duty-free prices for shoes and clothing. The oldest diamonds can be found in Calle de los Joyeros, a district that has more than 300 shops and for those who like antiques, it is best to go to Antiques Street.