Moving from Japan to Buffalo, US

The U.S.A. is the most popular destination country for international relocation from Japan. When moving from Japan to U.S. with our company, services of shipping by sea and air are available to almost all states across America and this includes the state of New York. While the main destination in New York State is New York City, services of shipping from Japan by both sea and air are available to the city of Buffalo. Unless you are shipping a large amount of goods such as when you are shipping quite a few large pieces of furniture, your shipment will be consolidated with other cargo and the consolidation service to the USA is available every week. The time it will take from your residence door in Japan to the bonded terminal in Buffalo will be about one month and a half if transported by ocean.

Moving or travelling Buffalo?

For those who are moving there but have never been to a place named Buffalo, imagining what kind of scene awaits is often left to the imagination. The word “buffalo” might conjure up the picture of the so-called majestic animal grazing in open pastures. Or maybe the food lover thinks of chicken wings drizzled in the so-called sauce. However, while many places and things feature the word “buffalo,” there is only one Buffalo, New York, and it is an incredibly unique city. Here is a guide to the city for those who are moving to this unique city in the US.

Getting to and Around Buffalo

The city of Buffalo, U.S.A. is relatively easy to access from anywhere in the world including Japan, due to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport being so close by. The Buffalo Niagara International Airport does require many inbound flights to have made another stop before disembarking at the airport, which means that, should you be flying from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan for example, a trip to Buffalo has 2-3 stops. Nonstop flights are routinely only to Mexican locations, such as Cancun.

Once arriving at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, there are plenty of transportation methods offered. From rental cars to limousines, tour buses, shuttles, vans, and taxis, no matter how you seek to travel, you can.

Transport around the city is also easy to find. Locals highly recommend utilizing the Buffalo Metro Rail system. Some portions of the track are actually free to access! Should you choose to use a car or bus, there are several major highways looping throughout the city to connect you to outside destinations and make decent time in the process.

About Buffalo, NY

Since the 20th century when the Erie Canal was constructed, Buffalo has grown exponentially as a result of trade and location. As of 2014, Buffalo is actually New York state’s second largest city next to Manhattan.

Due to industrialization throughout the years, Buffalo has attracted many to immigrate into its jurisdiction. The demographics of the city are well mixed, with many cultures blending together to create a wonderful harmony that spreads from cuisine to historical attractions and city lifestyle. People from various parts of the planet move to this city. Therefore, those who are moving from Japan can be assured that they will feel welcomed in Buffalo, NY.
In fact, Buffalo has been nicknamed the “City of Good Neighbors.”

What to Do

First, to emphasize just how international Buffalo is, mark your calendar to celebrate Dyngus Day with one of the largest Polish American populations in the United States. Despite the festival being European in origin, the one that takes place every year on Easter Monday in Buffalo is actually the largest organized Dyngus Day celebration in the entire world. Think of it, if you’d like as the Polish Mardi Gras, where everyone enjoys food, parades, song and dance.

Now, let’s delve into some of the attractions and historical sites around Buffalo.

Go Canalside

This is the place Buffalonians go to have fun. More importantly, it’s where you can have fun year-round.

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture

If you don’t know who Frank Lloyd Wright is, visiting Buffalo gives you the perfect time and place to get acquainted with his mind-blowing designs (especially because they are less crowded than those in Chicago). The city of Buffalo has several of his creations within close proximity:

These locations are open to walking tours.

Pierce-Arrow Museum

Automobile enthusiasts will love this location, for it goes into the history and creation of the Pierce-Arrow automobile--one of the first luxury vehicles in its time.

Niagara Falls

This place is famous in Japan as well. Whether you are moving to Buffalo or simply visiting therefore for a couple of days, you are most likely to visit the Falls. Although the Falls are still a little ways north of Buffalo, no one should miss the trip to the gorgeous Niagara Falls should they have the chance. It is best to head here in the summer, when the mists are refreshing.

Forest Lawn Cemetery

The fact that there are over 200 year old graves here is really extraordinary. What’s more is the uniqueness of the headstones. If you’re the type of person that enjoys strolling through historical settings like this, Forest Lawn is hauntingly beautiful.

Buffalo, New York is a destination that mixes international food and festivites with astounding treasures like famous landmarks by Frank Lloyd Wright. No matter where you go in Buffalo, you can find delicacies, shopping, entertainment, and more. Plus, the city is a snap to navigate with its various transportation methods. So what's keeping you from sharing the Buffalove? The city is indeed an ideal destination for moving!

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