Moving from Japan to Arizona, USA

Moving personal items to the US from Japan

Japan Luggage Express has been international moving business for more than two decades since the company’s establishment in mid1990’s. We are specialists in international moving from Japan to US and we have years of experience in shipping of personal belonging and household items from Japan to destinations across America. Contact us at 0120-48-0081 in English or fill out the online shipping inquiry form on this web site to receive information on your move from Japan to Arizona, USA.

Shipping Japan to Arizona, US

Moving and shipping services from Japan to Arizona, USA are available both by sea and air. Shipping services by air are available to international airports in Tucson and Phoenix and service by ocean are available to these two destination cities as well. You can choose the mode of transport depending on how much you are shipping.
If you would like to know the shipping times from Japan to the US by sea, please click here.

Arizona - The home of almost 7,000,000 people

There is some who is critical of Arizona, USA because of the hot and humid temperatures, but for permanent residents of this state, there is simply no better place to live out one’s life. One thing which certainly counts in the favor of Arizona is the fact that the Grand Canyon is located in the state, which is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and therefore it is attracting millions of visitors annually. Naturally a large number of tourists from Japan visit there as well. Many permanent residents in Arizona share the opinion that there is no other place where the sun sets in quite the same way as it does in this amazing state. Even though large portions of Arizona is actually deserts, even so they are some of the most gorgeous deserts found anywhere on the planet. A perfect example is the Sonoran Desert which is the only desert in the world where the Saguaro Cactus grows, which is one of the most spectacular botanical wonders in the world.

There is not only deserts

However, visitors should not get carried away by the deserts in this region because there is also high mountains, in excess of 12,000 feet with snowcapped peaks, which simply looks amazing. Besides the natural scenes which can be found in the state of Arizona, there is also world-class resorts, which is providing visitors and permanent residents with some really amazing amenities. If this was to be the sum total of everything which Arizona has to offer, it would already have been absolutely amazing, but there is so much more. There is even some ski resorts in the state of Arizona because this state is known for its relatively high annual snowfall. In fact, even the deserts in the region is covered with a thick layer of snow, which makes them really extraordinary places. However, there is also lots of sun and warm temperatures, which makes Arizona the perfect place for outdoor activities of just about every kind. Just about every resident of this state has a swimming pool in the backyard. This allows for numerous pool parties all year around.

Your International Moving Specialists from Japan to US

Whether you are thinking of moving a small amount of personal effects or shipping comparatively a large number of packages including some pieces of furniture, we can help you ship your effects economically and can give you tips on how you can make your move from Japan a success. We are experienced in handling household effects, general cargo, motor cycles and express documents and we can take care of various aspects of your international move from Japan to the USA.

As a Japanese company serving the expat community, we have competitive shipping rates that will suit your moving needs no matter where in the US you are moving to.