Shipping from Japan to Manchester, UK

 Removals to Manchester, UK

Next to London, Manchester is the second popular shipping destination from Japan, especially by air. Our services by air to Manchester International Airport is popular as the shipment will arrive in Manchester and custom clear the shipment there. The United Kingdom is the most popular destination in Europe. Therefore we have many years of experiences in shipping from Japan to UK.

When you ship your personal items from Japan to the UK, you must fill in a declaration form for unaccompanied personal effects to seek free entry of the goods. This form shall be submitted to the UK customs office together with the packing list you prepared before shipping from Japan. The form can be obtained from the UK customs website or through an international moving company in Japan like us. If you have lived in Japan for more than twelve months and have also owned the goods more than twelve months, then the goods can be brought to the UK duty-free. Note, however, that the goods must have been used at least for more than six months prior to your departure from Japan to the UK. This form can be completed before or after you arrive in the UK and you do not need to get a stamp of confirmation from a customs officer when you arrive in the country yourself like you need to do in some countries such as Canada or Japan.

About Manchester

Manchester is one of the cities of England where there is a lot to see. Also, it is a resourceful city. Manchester is an urban area of the Greater Manchester, located in the upper west of England. Manchester is regarded as the most densely inhabited metropolitan city. In addition, Manchester is the city that achieved the status of a ‘city’ in the year 1853. And interestingly, with time Manchester raised in popularity. The evidence is given to us by Globalization and World Cities Research Network that ranked Manchester the highest (second to London) in the year 2014.

Furthermore, even in present times Manchester is a known city. What makes it so popular? The answer is Manchester’s culture: music, literature, theatre, sport and education.

Music: In Manchester, music is considered to be a category of fine arts; and a source of keeping the individuals fervent and excited. Manchester has all three flavors of music: classical, brass band and pop. Pop music has since the 1960’s been a significant art form. Even though all the types of music are practiced even today in Manchester; pop music is still on a go. The 90’s brought forward the famous band Oasis that is still listened to by many pop- music lovers even today. Additionally, Manchester has many arenas to keep the music fever on. The most recognized arena is the Manchester Arena that was voted for International Arena of the year. Others include, Manchester Apollo, Manchester Academy, and a few more.

Literature: The literary field in Manchester has always been at its peak since the 16th century. The first learned society of Manchester named, Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society was founded in the year 1781. With time the people of Manchester- Wilson family earned the recognition of poets and their works were published between the years 1842 and 1866. Later in the 19th century the form of literature took a turn from poetry to novels. The novels revolved around Manchester and the life in Manchester. One of the most famous novels that everyone has probably read is Hard Times by Charles Dickens. Other than writers and works, Manchester has become a sack of happiness for upcoming writers and poets because of the regular competitions they keep.

Theatre: has been a prevalent medium for performing arts in Manchester. The first theatre built was in the year 1775, named Theatre Royal. Some of the leading figures who were part of the theatre were Henry Irving, Keans and Macready. In the twentieth century, the leading figures are part of the Manchester School who performed various collections of playwrights. Manchester is also known for excellent theatres and opera houses.

Sport: In the field of sports, Manchester is known as the city of sport. Because of sports, Manchester is known globally specially for the two known football clubs: Manchester United and Manchester City.

Education: As much as Manchester has paid attention towards curricular activities and entertainment, equally has there been importance given to education. Manchester has various quality schools and top ranked universities that are acknowledge world-wide. The three main universities of Manchester are: The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Royal Northern College of Music.

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