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International moving from Kansai – Osaka and Kobe (Hyogo)

Planning an international move from Osaka, Kobe or Kansai Area? Here at Japan Luggage Express, we handle all your overseas shipping needs. As a leading overseas shipping company in Japan, we offer a wide range of overseas moving and shipping services including air freight and sea freight. We have been serving the international community in Japan since 1995.

Shipping by air
If you a shipping relatively small number of packages, services by air is recommended. When shipping by air, you will be charged by the weight. Having said so, the volume is also a pricing factor and so-called “volumetric weight” would apply if a shipment is low in weight density in accordance with the International Air Transport Association’s standards. Discount rates are available from 45kgs and the number of packages is irrelevant. Services are available from Kansai International Airport (KIX) in Osaka to worldwide destinations.

Service by sea
Most of personal effects shipments are transported by sea. The minimum for sea shipping is one cubic meter. Service by sea can be arranged to many of inland states in the U.S.A and Canada and also land-locked countries in Europe when you ship door-to-port. Shipments to many destinations can be custom-cleared at Osaka ports. (Depending on the destinations, the port of departure will be Kobe.)

Door-to-port Service is much cheaper.
When using the services of a Japanese international moving company or a shipping company, you can ship either door-to-port or door-to-door. Generally, door-to-port service, where a moving company in Japan picks up your shipment at your residence and arranges shipping to the destination terminal where you custom clear yourself is much less expensive.

Shipping large household goods such as furniture can be expensive because of the volume they would take up and also because of the charges related to packing. Most expats leaving Japan ship only the items they can pack in boxes themselves. If you have any particular household furniture or some large item which you would like to ship, please let us know and we can include the charge in our quote as well.

Transit Time
The time required for shipping from Osaka, Kobe port is about one month to one month and a half for shipping to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. If the shipping destination is Europe such as UK, France, Germany or Scandinavia, it would be about one month and a half to two months. It takes approximately one to two weeks to process customs clearance before shipments can leave the ports in Japan.