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Shipping to France

How much time does it take for shipping from Japan to France using the services of an international shipping company, freight forwarding company or moving company? (What is the shipping time from Japan to France?)

If you are shipping from Japan to France, shipping services are available to the terminals in Le Havre and Marseille and it takes about 32 days from the time when the ship leaves Japanese port until it arrives at the destination terminal at Le Havre, France. (Shipments to Marseille are transported via Rotterdam, Netherlands.) To estimate how long shipping will take, several factors other than the actual shipping time must be considered as well.

For example, if there is a ship leaving Tokyo or Yokohama on March 2, the estimated arrival date at Le Havre, France will be around April 5. Although transit times to international destinations from Japan are quite short nowadays, it takes many more days shipping to European destinations such as France than when shipping to North America. In addition to the actual shipping time, the time required for customs clearance on the Japan side must be taken into consideration. Also, please take the following points into consideration.

*Shipments need to be containerized, i.e. loaded into shipping containers more than 5 days before the ship’s departure from the ports in Japan.

*The shipments must be cleared through Japanese customs a few days before they are loaded into container by consolidators.

*Normally there is one consolidation per week.

*It is normally several days after the arrival at the port or terminal that each shipment is ready to be custom cleared.

If you take these points into consideration as well, it will be necessary to add 10 to 21 days to the actual shipping time in order to estimate how long it will take for shipping from Japan to France.

Note that shipments from Japan to France are often transported via Singapore or Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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