Shipping Furniture from Japan

moving household furniture

While it is most economical to ship only those items you can pack yourself, we understand that some people consider shipping large items (such as pieces of furniture) internationally from Japan. When shipping pieces of furniture, it is important that you pack them well. Unless you find suitable boxes, you will need to place large items in custom-made crates. We offer packing services in the Tokyo and Osaka area.

Some important points when shipping furniture

Tamami mat, Tansu, Shoji screens

Japanese household furniture such as Tansu, shoji screens, byobu and tatami (straw mats) are popular items to ship because they are typically not available elsewhere in the world.

Shipping of household furniture

Typical household furniture includes sofas, tables, beds, chairs, etc. You might want to decide which large items you will ship, as these items take up a lot of space. Perhaps furniture with sentimental value would be worth shipping.

Shipping of electric appliances

Massage chairs, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Massage chairs are very popular in Japan and are good items to bring home, as they are often difficult to buy elsewhere in the world. It might not be a good idea to ship a refrigerator or a washing machine because the shipping cost can be expensive. However, some refrigerators and washing machines in Japan have special functions, in which case you might want to ship them.

Shipping of purchased furniture or antique

People moving out of Japan are not the only ones who need shipping services. In fact, we often receive inquiries from people living outside Japan who are considering buying furniture online from shops like Nitori or people looking for a shipping company that can ship antique furniture they’ve purchased on eBay. Unlike most international movers here, we can ship furniture and other goods that are not considered unaccompanied personal belongings but, rather, business shipments.

About crating

When we crate furniture and any other large items, we use wooden material that meets ISPM15, the standard for packing materials used for international shipping or plywood. To learn more about ISPM 15, please visit this page.