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How long shipping from Japan to Pakistan takes if shipped as cargo

Are you shipping some goods from Japan to Pakistan? Or are you an importer in Pakistan who is expecting some delivery of goods from Japan by sea? If you are shipping using the services of some freight shipping company, i.e. if you are shipping some cargo as an ocean freight, perhaps you will be concerned with how long the shipping time from Japan to Pakistan will be. We will show you here how long it will take for shipping from Japan to Pakistan and also what factors should be taken into consideration when calculating the total transit time when you are expecting a cargo shipment. This is the case of shipping as LCL (Less-than-container Load) shipments, in other words, a consolidation shipping.

Although there may be some direct shipping services from Japan to Pakistan, majorities of LCL shipments are transported via Singapore. Singapore is an important hub port in South East Asia, and many shipments from Japan and other countries in North / South West Asia heading for Europe, Pakistan, Central Asia and Oceania are transshipped there. In the case of shipping to Pakistan, shipments will be transported as a part of consolidation to Singapore and then make a connecting ship from Singapore to Pakistan.

Port-to-port Transit time

The actual port-to-port transit time is only 22 to 25 days.

For example, a consolidation leaving Tokyo port on July 1, it will be scheduled to arrival at the port of Karachi, Pakistan on July 26. That may sound relatively quick. However, when you are shipping something internationally as cargo, the time number of days required for customs clearance, loading each shipment into consolidation container and customs clearance must be taken into account as well.

Things to consider in calculating shipping time from Japan to Pakistan

1) The shipment needs to be cleared through Japan Customs a few days before it is loaded to the consolidation containers if you are shipping an LCL cargo.

2) After a shipment is custom-cleared, it must be loaded into a consolidation container a few days before the actual departure date of the main vessel.

3) There is one or two vessels (consolidations) leaving Tokyo or Yokohama for Singapore every week. As mentioned earlier, shipments to Pakistan are transshipped at Singapore.

In addition to the above, a shipment must be delivered to the bonded warehouse at least a few days before the customs clearance date.

When all these factors are taken into consideration, the actual shipping time from collection from a Japanese address (such as your seller) to arrival at the port of Karachi, Pakistan would be about 31 to 40 days.

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