Shipping used vinyl records from Japan

Shipping of LP (Vinyl) records from Japan

A large number of people from overseas visit Japan nowadays and while their main purpose of coming to Japan is to visit many places, shopping is also a thing people enjoy. Tourists from overseas buy all kinds of things while they are here. Some people actually buy a large number of used vinyl records (used analogue records) and we sometimes receive inquiries on shipping them from Japan to their home countries. We are specialists in shipping from Japan and we can help you ship the records you purchase while you are in Japan. In fact, we have had quite a few customers who shipped analogue / vinyl records from Japan.

Customs requirements on the Japan side

If you are shipping a very large quantity, the shipment will have to be cleared through customs as commercial cargo especially if you are shipping them for the purpose of reselling them in your country, however, if the declared value for customs is less than Y300,000 per shipment, they can be cleared customs as unaccompanied personal effects even if they are not exclusively for your own personal use. Note that even if they are declared as unaccompanied personal effects, you must declare how many pieces of records each package contains. We will supply you with a form called “packing list” and you can easily declare the contents in this packing list form. You can naturally include other personal stuff in the shipment such as clothing and toiletries.

For your convenience

Usually people buy records at more than one or two shops especially if they are collectors or if they are buying them for resale purposes. If you are a traveler staying at a hotel and have the packages of records delivered there, perhaps it would take up too much space in your room. In such a case we can store your packages of records delivered from various shops and arrange delivery of all packages to the port warehouse of the container line.
As mentioned earlier, since you need make a packing list which indicates the contents, it is important you mark the package with box number before the shops send out the records you have purchased from them. Normally these shops would send them by so-called “takuhaibin” (Japanese courier service). You can also specify the date of delivery.

Contact us for a quote to your destination.

For more details and to receive information on the shipping charges to your destination, contact us. The best way would be to fill out the online inquiry form on this website. Please be sure to mention that you would like to ship used vinyl records. Also, it would be helpful if you tell us whether they are for your personal collection or for resale.

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