Shipping Documents
We require the following documents from you one month to at least one week before Pick-up. Please fax them to 04-7147-4430 or email.
These are the documents required for moving from Japan (personal effects/household goods). If you are shipping commercial cargo, or shipping/moving to Japan from another country, the required documents will be different.
  1. A Shipper's (you) Letter of Instructions (SLI) (see form below)
  2. A copy of your passport (DO NOT FORGET THIS ITEM) - send the personal data page showing passport number and photograph. (This has to be complete double pages with edges and cotners)
  3. A signed contract (see contract below)
  4. Statement of Compliance (additional form)
  5. A detailed packing list (see form below). Please keep a copy. You will need it at your destination once the shipment gets there.
  6. Reservation confirmation slip/e-ticket/airline ticket. These will serve as proves that you are actually moving from Japan to overseas yourself and your shipments can be cleared through Japan customs as unaccompanied personal effects.
What to do NOW. Read these points or suffer customs delays:
  • Fax the first three items on this list immediately (A, B & C).
  • Your Statement of Compliance (Document D), your packing list describing the contents for each package you are shipping(Document E) and your reservation confirmation slip/e-ticket/airline ticket (Document F) can be sent either now or after Pick-up. However, we cannot clear your shipment through customs without them.
  • Document F should be one of the following: a reservation confirmation slip (not an invoice) issued by your travel agent (not in text style) OR a copy of an e-ticket OR an airline ticket. The travel destination country must match the country that you are shipping to and the documents must cover all parts of your travel from Japan.
  • Documents must be completed by the shipper (you) who is the owner of the goods (you) and shipping the goods. The documents must not be completed by a representative such as a friend or a family member.
  • Send them by fax or email.
  • You do not have to know exactly how many packages or the exact volume (cubic meter) you are shipping to complete these forms. Send documents A, B, C & D to us now anyway, and tell us about your numbers of boxes and volume later.
  • If the date of your departure or arrival date at the destination is not known, you can write "to be advised", however, please be sure to advise us later. Send documents A, B, C & D to us now.
  • Send a complete double page with edges of your passport's biographical data page (Document B) and send a scanned copy to our email address if possible as fax transmission often does not work well.
  • Acceptance of application: If we receive your documents and see no problem and your sihpping application is accepted, we will contact you within a day or two by phone or email to confirm acceptance and pickup date. If there is no reply from us, it should be interpreted that the application was not accepted. We reserve the right to deny an application. Call us and check if you do not receive a response from us in case we have not received your documents for some reason.
  • We do not send reminders for unsent documents. It is clients' responsibility to make sure that they send packing list, clear copy of passport (and all other specified documents such as reservation confirmation documents) without delay.
  • Fax your packing list (Document E) after you finish packing. This does not have to be before Pick-up, but should be as soon as possible after Pick-up.
  • We can arrange a Pick-up in under a week but you need to call us direct to see availability.
  • If only the moving date is undecided, leave this part blank and advise us later.
Faxing requests
  • Please fax your documents in the centre of the paper so that the whole document can be seen.
  • Some passports are specially created to be unreadable when faxed normally (for example U.S.A. or Canada) so please transmit in a high quality mode so that they can be read clearly.
  • If you are a holder of US or Canadian passport: please make a relatively light copy and fax it. A light copy (not excessively light copy) is easier to read and transmit onwards than a dark copy.
  • It is normally better to make a scanned copy and send it to us as an attachment to an email.
  • If this is not possible, then please send by snail mai

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