Moving from Japan to Auckland

Shipping to Auckland

If you are moving abroad and your shipping destination is Auckland, New Zealand, both services by sea and air are available. We offer competitive shipping rates whether you are sending just a few packages by air or a large volume of shipment by ocean. If you are looking for an affordable, experienced and reliable Japanese overseas shipping company who offers the services of moving from Japan to New Zealand, come to Japan Luggage Express. For customers who require door-to-door services, our New Zealand based agent can custom clear your shipment and arrange delivery to your residence in New Zealand. Besides Auckland, shipping destinations in New Zealand from Japan are Christchurch and Wellington. Moving from Japan to New Zealand is easier and less expensive if you use our shipping services.

About Auckland

Auckland, the city of sails, is the largest city in New Zealand. With a population of around 1.5 million people it is the main hub for the North Island of New Zealand. It is one of the most popular cities to immigrate to because of its vibrant multicultural feel and a sub tropic climate that boasts of mild winters and hot sunny summers.

It is this climate that adds to the sporty cultural of New Zealand. Rugby, Cricket and Netball are all popular past times. Family life often includes summer holidays spent picnicing and swimming at Auckland’s multitude of beaches. These range from the flat family orientated beaches on the East Coast to the wild rugged black sand surf beaches of the West Coast, such as Piha and Bethells Beach.

Auckland is a very family orientated suburban style city with many internationally recognized education facilities. On the weekdays you will often see families spending time at the local parks and playgrounds that are dotted around the lush green neighborhoods. During the summer time Auckland has long balmy evenings with the sunset around 9pm and it is usual to see families barbequing and playing sport in the parks and beaches that are commonplace in Auckland.

Rangitoto is one of Auckland’s main attractions, seen from nearly everywhere in the city. It is a large volcanic island which sits proudly in the middle of the Hauraki Gulf. Easily reached by one of the many public ferries, it offers rugged bush to explore, lava caves and for the not so faint at heart a solid hour walk up to the summit. If you choose to try this you'll be rewarded with brilliant views of Auckland and the surrounding islands in the Hauraki Gulf.

Rangitoto is just one of the islands in Auckland. The largest island is Waiheke Island, famous for its amazing wineries and restaurants. Connected to Auckland by ferry is a great place for a holiday or a weekend away.

Central Auckland is connected to the outer suburbs by ferries, buses and trains which making commuting simple and pleasurable. However most Aucklanders also own their own vehicle as unlike Japan petrol, parking and the other costs associated with owning a car are very reasonable.

During the mild winters most Aucklanders spend their time shopping at the malls such as Sylvia Park, Northwest and Botany Town Centre. Most of the malls include entertainment facilities such as cinemas, restaurants, pubs and even mini golf, making it a great place for the whole family to spend time together. Central Auckland is also known as a great shopping destination with many luxury brands to choose from as well as the famous Sky City complex. Not only does it have Auckland’s large Skycity casino, it also provides access to the 60 story Sky Tower with its breathtaking 360 panoramic views of Auckland.

Auckland really does have everything - even an indoor ski slope. You can see why in 2016 it was ranked third best city in the world for quality of living. "Safety was a key determinant of quality of life" said Mercer, who were the recruitment company in charge of the survey. So Auckland is not only fun, vibrant and multicultural. It is safe too. Come visit Auckland, the city of sails, today.