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If you are looking to move overseas from Japan to Singapore, Japan Luggage Express will be your first choice. We have been serving the expat community in Tokyo and the whole of Japan for over 25 years since the company's establishment in 1995. We are specialists in overseas moving from Japan and shipping of commercial freight and importantly most of our clients are expats. Although overseas moving will be the first experience for most people and it is not surprising that one does not know where to begin or which moving or shipping companies to contact. With effective planning, moving oversea can be smooth and cost efficient. We outline our services below for prospective customers moving Japan to Singapore, however, this website gives comprehensive information on international moving and shipping, therefore we hope that you will make use of many pages of this site.

Charges for shipping by air to Singapore (Changi Airport)

Other overseas moving companies often say that they have services by air for urgent shipments, however, with a moving company who can offer competitive air rate for personal effects like us, shipping by air is actually more cost effective than ocean freight.

Air rate to Singapore airport

Air rate per kgY850

Dimensional Weight (also known as volumetric weight) will apply for shipments of low weight density in accordance with International Air Transport Association’s standards for calculating air freight charges. The higher of the actual gross weight or the volumetric weight will be the chargeable weight for air shipments. In other words, actual weight as well as the volume of a consignment is a pricing factor when shipping by air although principally air shipments are charged by their volume.

The charges for air shipping are calculated by the *total* weight (either gross weight or volumetric weight) of all the packages.

"Destination charges" that will incur on the Singapore side and they are not included in our charges. When you ship internationally, there are charges you need to pay at the destination such as airline’s (or its handling agent’s) handling, airport terminal service, customs clearance charge, demurrage or the alike. These charges need to be paid on the Singapore side once the shipment arrives there,

JLE Handling and customs clearance charge:
Y5,900 per shipment (for unaccompanied personal effects)

Pickup charge:
We can arrange pickup from residence door almost anywhere in Japan, therefore you can move from anywhere in Japan using our air shipping services. Pickup charge range from Y50 yen to Y250 per kg depending on where in Japan you are shipping from. Pickup is free of charge under certain condition if you reside in Tokyo 23 wards area and some area in Chiba Prefecture. Pickups from distant areas such as Okinawa or Hokkaido are available.

Air Insurance:
Optional air and marine insurance can be purchased through our international moving company. When you ship your personal items across the borders, an inventory of the contents in each carton is required. In shipping industry, the inventory is called packing list and each shipper must declare the contents with values and quantities of the goods being shipped. This inventory is used at the time of customs clearance both in Japan and in the shipping destination, i.e. Singapore and it is also used for insurance.

Example of charges for shipping by air from Japan to Singapore:
A consignment of 64 kg will be Y60,300. (Y850 x 64 +5,900) (This does not insurance air insurance premium)
*Fuel and security charges may be added.

The rates and charges on this page are for personal effect shipments and they are subject to change any time. Contact us by using the online shipping inquiry form or by phone and speak to our moving manager for the recent air rate and charges to Singapore.

Shipping from Japan to Singapore by sea

Shipping rate by sea from Japan to Singapore is available from one cubic meter, which is the minimum volume in the international shipping industry. This, however, does not mean that you cannot ship if your consignment is less than one cubic meter. Shipments under one cubic meter will simply be charged for the price of one cubic meter. The weight of the shipment does not matter in calculating ocean freight charge, however, the moving boxes should not be excessively heavy.

If you are shipping some pieces of furniture or any large items that cannot be packed incardboard boxes, custom-made crating will have to be arranged. When making wooden crates, certain kinds of wooden materials must be used to meet the international quarantine standards. The packing materials that are used for international shipping from Japan to Singapore must be either wooden materials treated in accordance with ISPM15 or plywood.

To receive a quote for your move, please fill out the online inquiry form on this web site or call us toll free at 0120-48-0081. (English-speaking staff available.)

Singapore is one major hub port in Asia and shipments to Fremantle, Australia, New Zealand or even shipments to India, South Africa and Europe are often transported via Singapore, therefor the port of Singapore plays an extremely important role in shipping industry. Frequency of ships from Japan to Singapore is normally twice a week for most consolidators offering services to Singapore.

All rates and chargers are subject to change.

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