International Moving to Tanzania

The Reasons you should move to Tanzania

Some obvious concerns are raised when people are considering moving from Japan to anywhere in Africa such as health or security but actually, most of Africa is an entirely safe place to live and for those who are willing to take the chance, there are places where you can move to and live with a high standard of lifestyle, for a very low cost of living compared with Japan or the USA. Tanzania is one of these places and this article outlines a few of the best reasons why you should consider moving to East Africa.

Finding employment

Although much of Africa is quite poor and struggling with high unemployment figures, Tanzania is a large expat community for good reason. There are many different jobs one can apply for in Tanzania even without a high level of qualification. Expats from Japan, Canada or the USA would not be exceptions.

Many of these jobs are within the Tourism industry which is the main source of income for the population. Campsites, hotels or lodges are a great place to start as these businesses usually require people who have experience in dealing with the people from the Western world who come to visit.

There is also a large demand for anyone who has experience with IT or programming in the main cities such as Arusha, most especially because businesses in Africa are now catching up by establishing their websites and online presence.

Despite what people in Japan, the USA or elsewhere in the West may think, there are definitely jobs in Tanzania for anyone who takes the time to search or enquire with businesses online.

Standard of Accommodation

Africa usually brings up images of small mud huts or ran down buildings but actually, the standard of accommodation in Tanzania is extremely high for most people who move there.

The reason for this is obviously because the cost of living is so much lower in East Africa than most parts of the world especially compared with big cities in Japan or the USA, so anyone who can find a reasonable income can afford as high a standard of home as in the Western world, for just a fraction of the price.

Many people will first move in to a nice lodge or hotel in Tanzania while they search for something more permanent so you can be assured that when you move from overseas, you will always have a nice home to go back to at the end of each day.

Security in Tanzania

This is most likely the biggest concern for people visiting or internationally moving to Africa in general but fear not, it is perfectly safe.

As with any city or destination around the world, you need to be conscious of your surroundings and use common sense travelling after dark etc. but thanks to tightly controlled security and policing, visitors from overseas can always expect to travel safely in Tanzania.

This is largely because Tourism is the Country's main source of income and local people are very respectful toward visitors from other countries as a means of showing their appreciation. Perhaps they will be very respectful towards people from Japan as well.

Also, Tanzania and East Africa are known for their hugely friendly peoples. Do not believe everything you see in the media or what other people say, it is a perfectly safe to live.

Amazing lifestyle

Whether you are moving in from Japan or from the West, the most interesting part of moving to a new country are the people and the local attractions. This is something which makes Tanzania one of the most amazing places to live in the world.

If you are interested in Outdoor adventure, there are many Mountainous regions to explore in Tanzania such as the Undzungwa Mountains in the South but then there is also the highest free standing mountain in the world, waiting to be climbed, Kilimanjaro. It is also famous for Scuba diving options or water sports along the coast so it is very much, a paradise for adventure seekers.

It is also the most famous place to see wildlife and there are countless National Parks such as the Serengetti where you can watch lions, elephants and Hyena's as they interact in the wild. You will never forget Africa for many reasons and the wildlife you will encounter is a huge part of the reason why.

Surprisingly the standard of food, restaurants and cafes is very high and you can expect the hardest decision is usually in which one you should choose. Africa is known for fresh food, whether it be seafood from the coast or fresh food from the endless farm regions, you will be spoilt for choice and we haven't even discussed their famous home grown coffee yet.

What are you waiting for?

Tanzania has so much to offer for anyone who is thinking about moving there to live, not only is it safe and interesting but there is a very high standard of living there waiting for you so start looking at flights now and remember that when you move there and need to take your next vacation, the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar are just a short ride away.

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