Comments and questions from our clients about shipping

1)Removal to Sydney

Thank you for the revised quote. I would like to use the services of Japan Luggage Express. I still think the door-to-door option would be best for me, as I will not have time to organize delivery from customs in Australia.
Can you please let me know what your available pick up days and times? I was thinking pick up on Monday 8 or Tuesday 9 August?
Can you please also advise any Australian or Japanese customs requirements? E.g. do we need to show the driver what is in the boxes before putting the tape on? What are the labeling requirements for the boxes (does each box need name, address, phone number, contents listed)? Are the any specifications for what can and cannot be put in the boxes? For example, I know with air shipping that nail polish and perfume cannot be packed but I am not sure what the sea requirements are.
All items will be used household items like books, clothes, framed posters etc.
Can you please also tell me how long it will take for you to issue the invoice and provide the details for bank transfer as my work will be paying for the invoice?

-We will send you detailed information at the time of application. You will find the answers to your questions in the documents we will be sending you.

2) Moving from Japan to UK

As mentioned in previous mails, I would like your company to ship some luggage for me to the UK.
I append the necessary forms and copies of documents, but would be grateful if you could confirm that they are correctly filled in and clear enough.

I have pretty much finished packing and should have a packing list to you before pick-up.? I have requested pick-up next Wednesday. Since that is less than a week ahead, I will phone a little later today to see if this date is possible, and, if not, if another time can be arranged.

As I mentioned in a previous mail, some of my boxes exceed the size limit. To be precise, there are three (out of 13 or possibly 14). The measurements for these three are one box at 105x42x78, and two at 87x41x68. The others are all 35x39x52. I live on the third floor and am happy to carry the boxes down, including the bigger three. I'd be grateful if you could confirm this is OK.

3) I have been living in Japan for 5 years and moving back to South Africa.

I think about 3 boxes of up to 20kgs each, possibly slightly less.
I hope you deliver to South Africa since I cannot find info for Africa as an option in your Rates section. I will be traveling within Japan during the month of August and will be leaving for Johannesburg, South Africa on the 24th of July. The boxes however will be stored at the given address. Please contact via email whenever possible as my cellphone is often buggy.
I would love a price quote as well as some information about drop off and pickup of boxes.

-Thank you for your shipping inquiry. We do have services available to South Africa. We have services for both by sea and air. We can send you a quote by separates emails.

4) I am shipping from Japan to USA

I am leaving Japan on August 4th but will be travelling for a bit and would like them to be picked up and shipped around August 16th. 4 packages total, one will contain a computer (desktop computer, so no batteries), so I would like to know if the transport facilities are temperature controlled or not.

As I have to be moved out by July 28th, my friend will hold my packages until they're ready to be picked up mid-August. She lives at a different address, so the pickup address will be different than the address I lived at. I don't know her address yet but will know within a week.

5) My shipment from Japan to Texas, USA

Thank you very much! I received the attachments and found them extremely thorough, detailed, and informative. I have done my best to read them thoroughly in order to properly prepare my shipment. Attached to this email are my Shipper's Letter of Instruction, a scan of my passport, a PDF printout of my e-ticket, Statement of Compliance form, and signed Conditions form.
My intention is to rent a small truck and deliver the shipment to your shipment center on June 29th, then drive immediately to the airport, drop off the rental vehicle, and depart. I intend to be in Tokyo the night before, so if it is more convenient or prudent, I can probably deliver the shipment on the evening of the 28th, instead. Thank you so much for your help and clear instructions! I look forward to the experience!

- Thank you for sending us your documents. With regards to the delivery of packages, the bonded warehouse is open Monday through Friday. They close their gates quite early, like 16:00 or 16:30 so it is recommended to go there early. Also the waiting time can be considerably long depending on how long the queue of the trucks waiting to deliver is. You will also need to bring some sort of a waybill at the time of delivery. (We can make one for you).

I will send you later a document (a waybill) which will be necessary at the time of delivery to the port warehouse (actually any format is fine but we will make a simple one for you) once we receive a booking number from the consolidator/carrier.

Recently I had a chance to talk to with a manager of a pickup company who takes care of our shipments in Tokyo area.

According to him, the bonded warehouse company (Nissei) opens from 9:00. They have lunch break between 12:00 and 13:00 and also some breaks between 10:00 and 10:30 and another break in the pm (I think? it is because of labor union’s regulation or something). Although they open from 9:00, many truck get there as early as 07:00 so that they can finish their delivery early. He told me that normal waiting time is about 1 hour and a half to two hours but when they are busy they often need to wait for 3 to 4.5 hours. He told me that after you bring the documents to the reception and finish registration, they tell you to wait on the road and when it is your time/turn to deliver, they give you a phone call. He recommends that you do not go there close to 16;00 as after 16;00 they will not accept your paperwork/registration and especially because it is possible that you might at a loss where to go after you get there. Once you finish your registration by 16:00, you can wait for your turn to deliver although it might be as late as 19:00 or 20:00.

6) About my move from Japan to Australia

As I mentioned earlier, I don't arrive in Sydney until 16th of September.
I would like my brother to go pick up my things - is this possible?

-Many of our customers shipping to Australia have had their family members or friends custom clear the shipments on their behalf and also the Australian customs website says that it is possible, however, the website said that if you are having a representative such as a family member custom clear the shipment, you or he/she should contact the Australian customs office to seek advice.

7) Moving from Japan to Canada

We currently live in Tokyo but will go to Canada from September. We will store our shipment in Osaka with my wife's relatives until the shipping date.
We will pack the shipment ourselves in boxes and would like to request a quote for shipping from the location in Osaka to Vancouver port. I will pick up and clear the shipment through customs myself in Canada.

8) Shipping my Personal items from Japan to Sydney, Australia

Thank you again for all your assistance. Just by way of information, I am in Sydney picking up my boxes now and have been advised that a quarantine inspection is mandatory for shipments of my size. Perhaps it's good to let future customers know that even under 1 cubic meter it will need to be inspected in Sydney.

9) Moving from Japan to France

Would it be possible to fill in all the information except the exact content of the shipment We are trying to sell our furniture at the moment. If we do not succeed we will ship it to Paris. Would it be all right if we fill in the documents tomorrow with rough list of items we plan to ship in order to book your services. We can correct the list and provide more precise information when you come to pick up the luggage.

-Please send the documents except packing list to make a reservation.
As we mentioned, packing list can be sent later- such as after you complete packing or after pickup

10) I am moving to Australia from Japan and have things to ship.

Hi again...I used your company to send my first lot of goods home to Australia and just wondering if you can give me some rates (and method for calculating volume?) to send my next, and final shipment.
By the way, the last time I used your service was about 15-20 years ago and everything arrived perfectly and in good condition. I'll be pleased to send my gear with you again

11) Shipping my stuff from Japan to Queensland

I made an inquiry into shipping my stuff home to Brisbane with your company back in February. I have now booked a home flight from Fukuoka to Brisbane with Asian Airlines for May 21st and have an e-ticket copy readily available. I agree to all the terms and charges for shipment that you kindly explained below.

I will be moving out of my apartment in Oita City at the end of this month (April 30th will be my housing inspection date when the room must be vacated and completely cleared). I will then travel during the period May 1st until May 21st in and out of Japan. Therefore, I would like pack all my boxes and have them picked up sometime in the last week of April (but before Wed 27th).

What would be the next step in registering with Japan Luggage Express Ltd?

12) Sending my goods to New Zealand

I made an inquiry into shipping my stuff home to Auckland with your company back in March. I have now booked a home flight from Tokyo to Auckland?with Singapore n Airlines for May 21st and have an e-ticket copy readily available. I agree to all the terms and charges for shipment that you kindly explained below.

I will be moving out of my apartment in Tokyo at the end of this month (April 30th will be my housing inspection date when the room must be vacated and completely cleared). I will then travel during the period May 1st until May 21st in and out of Japan. Therefore, I would like pack all my boxes and have them picked up sometime in the last week of April (but before Wed 27th).

What would be the next step in registering with Japan Luggage Express?

13) Overseas moving from Japan to New York, USA

A couple more questions please: As I mentioned before, the outside dimensions of the bike box I have are :
Length:151 cm ,Height: 81 cm, Width: 35 cm
Weight would be about 20 kg. Can you ship this item by itself to the USA by sea?
Could you pick up this item from my apartment in Nagoya?
If so, when? Am I correct that your charge for doing so would be 66,000 yen?
Is there any possibility of a lower charge for this single item? Thanks again for your prompt and helpful replies.

- One package alone can be sent by sea but as you know, the minimum for ocean freight is one cubic meter and it will perhaps be very expensive especially if you consider the destination charges that will incur on the US side. Destination charges for sea shipments are far more expensive than for the air shipments. The airfreight charge for the box of this size/weight may be expensive than sea up to arrival at the destination terminal but if the destination charges are taken into consideration, air shipment would end up being less expensive.

14) Shipping documents used for Japan and US customs

Our customs broker is now trying to custom clear your shipment and the customs officer told them that the values of many items seem to be more like purchased/new values rather than used value. We could actually amend your list to lower the overall values of the packing list for you. However, I noticed the packing lists are presently in PDF files. Could you send me a Word version as well so that it will be easy to make necessary changes? The new values will be for customs clearance purposes on the Japan side only and there will be no change in the value declared for insurance.

- You are right. The values are more what I actually paid. I'm sorry for causing this problem. I'm sending the original Word version. What happens about the signature? If it's easier, if you tell me about how much to reduce things, I could do it? Will it be a problem at US Customs? Is the revised Packing List going to be used by Customs both in Japan and the United States of America? And the original Packing List only going to be used if I have to make an Insurance claim? I know that you mentioned that the original List would be used for insurance. Is it fine to have two lists?

15) Shipping furniture to the USA

I have a small sideboard (piece of wooden furniture) 82cm (H) x 56.5cm (W) x 27.5cm (D), which I want to send to Seattle, USA. Would I have to find my own packing box if I decide to ship it home? Do you have any recommendations regarding this kind of thing? My other goods are all books/files, clothing, personal and household goods - no electrical goods or furniture.
I am currently sorting my possessions and, at this stage, am guessing from your information that I have about 1 cubic meter

16) Question about customs inspection on the Japan side

Q: We have another question about the customs fees on the Japan side. Another company included in its quote the stipulation that there would be an additional 15000yen customs charge IF our shipment were chosen for inspection by Japanese customs. I know that you mentioned all customs fees are included in the price of your quote. However, in the event that our shipment is not, in fact, chosen for inspection, is the customs fee refundable? Thanks in advance for any information you're able to provide.

A: Our charges (and perhaps other companies charges are the same) and include customs clearance charge on the Japan side but do not include customs inspection fee. I think you are misunderstanding "customs inspection fee" for "customs clearance charge".
Customs clearance: ALL shipments are custom cleared for export/shipping permission. Normally by viewing of the documents only.
Customs inspection: refers to INSPECTION of the ACTUAL packages by a custom officer, not the documents. Only some of personal effects shipments go through customs inspection and it is extremely rare.
We have been handling over 9000 of cases of personal effects since the start of our company?and we have had only a few shipments inspected.
such as when someone is shipping imitation swards etc. or maybe two or three other cases. On the other hand, when shipping commercial cargoes for example motorcycles, big objects or some other consignments, they want see the contents (to see if the exporter is not shipping something illegal, stolen goods or some high tech machine or some other reason)
Anyway, as I mentioned ALL shipments must be custom cleared but it is very rare that personal effects are inspected by the customs on the Japan side.
They do not have time to inspect all shipments so they inspect very low percentage of shipments?and they do not normally inspect personal effects shipments.

17) Shipping destination in Australia

It's been a while since you replied to my inquiry, and finally I have had time to make a detailed list of items that we want to ship.
Could you please send me a quote, at current prices (even though we won't be able to move until December 2013 or January 2014) for these items.
Most importantly, would make sure to also include the cost of creating the larger items that we want to take. Also, for the vehicle, if you have a Ro-Ro option and a Container option, could you please advise me of the difference as well.
Finally, could you make the shipping quote for shipping to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart. All four cities are possible destinations for our relocation to Australia so we need to know what the price difference would be, if any.