Moving from Japan to Montreal

What You Need to Know When You Move to Montreal, Quebec Canada

Montreal Quebec, Canada is a gorgeous metropolitan city with a true mix of the modern world meeting the old. The city was ranked as one of the world's best places to live and the best city in Canada to be a student. If you plan to move from Japan to Canada and you have chosen Montreal as the city you will live in, there are some things you should know before packing your bags and making the journey.

Lots of Construction

The city is almost always in a state of construction somewhere. There is a lot of road work during the summer months and often roadways are closed sometimes for the duration of the summer. The city is growing at an increasing rate with buildings popping up all year long.

Parking Laws are enforced.

Montreal does have some confusing signage for parking on some streets. The parking laws are strictly enforced and you might find you receive parking tickets if you don't follow the law or let your time run out on a meter.

House Prices and Rents are Affordable

While many large cities across Canada do tend to be rather expensive, Montreal has maintained a livable housing cost. The cost of houses here are much more affordable than in other parts of the country and the rents stay within a livable range.

French isn't a Necessity

While Montreal is located in Canada's French speaking province of Quebec, it isn't necessary to know how to speak it fluently. There are plenty of of English speaking people here. It is helpful to know at least some French however; all the street signs are in French and if you need to speak to a retail associate or government official, it helps to have an understanding of the language.

Always Something Going On

Montreal's numerous restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotspots stay open late and seemingly never close most nights. This means, that there is typically something going on every night of the week, all year long. If you are into a city that doesn't sleep, not unlike New York City, then Montreal is definitely the place for you.

Higher Taxes

Montreal is a more affordable city than most of the large cities in Canada, but you will pay higher taxes here than most of the rest of the country. In fact, citizens of Quebec pay some of the highest taxes in North America. This is especially true of personal income taxes, where a person can pay up to 16% of their income in taxes.