International removal to Canada

Moving to Canada

If you're planning on relocating to Canada or moving back to Canada from Japan or another part of the world, there are a number of things that you should know before making the transition. Canada is often looked on as a country that's filled with opportunities for people from many different nations. This perception is for the most part true but there are bound to be some cultural differences for people making the move to Canada having been out of the country for several years or entering the country for the first time. Here are some top quick facts about moving to Canada that you should know before making the trip.

  1. 1.Visa Info: there are several different visas available for living in Canada. Make sure to check in to appease a guide and to set aside some extra money for a Canadian visa. For the most part Canadian living visas are around $100-155 Cad but permanent residency visas can be much more expensive.
  2. 2.Its size: one of the first things that you will notice upon moving to Canada is its sheer size. If you are coming to Canada from Japan it's important to note that Canada is roughly 26.4 times the size of Japan. Depending on where you're settled you also need to prepare for cold weather and an entirely different climate. Because of the size of Canada is divided into roughly 11 different climate zones which still have their own varying temperatures.
  3. 3.Food: The food in Canada may be a little bit different than what you're used to, while Canada does share a large amount of staple foods with Europe and USA, a few staple dishes like to team, beaver tales and more are Canadian favourites. Most large cities have specialty food stores so that you can enjoy a taste of home wherever you may have settled.
  4. 4.The people: Canadians are generally known as being extremely friendly and if you aren't used to going to places where you're generally greeted and smiled at, this could be a bit of a culture shock. When moving to Canada it's important to note that the two main languages are English and French and often when it comes to talking to strangers and staying social it is just done to be friendly.
  5. 5.Watching out for animals: depending on where you settle in Canada, it's important that you watch over the wildlife. Certain areas of Canada are home to Polar bears, grizzly bears, moose, black bears and even cougars. In these areas it's important that you stay inside your car and watch it on the roadways as these large animals can do massive amounts of damage to your car.

Keep these quick tips in mind if you are planning on moving to Canada or resettling from Japan or somewhere else around the world.