Jluggage.com Annual Scholarship Award


Jluggage.com is an industry leading international moving company and freight forwarder offering premium shipping services to individuals moving overseas, corporate clients, government institutions and embassies.

Our company would like to offer you support in the front education with our exclusive scholarship program, an annual scholarship that will reward a student with the amount of $1,000 to help you with your studies. Our scholarship is a reward for a writing contest.

You have to create a small essay on a subject related to:

“What’s one way you are actively trying to challenge the status quo as a student?”

You can talk about on-campus initiatives you’re leading, ways you’re demonstrating leadership, or class projects you’re working on.

The winner of the contest will win a $1000 scholarship prize for 1 year.

To write and submit your work, follow the brief list of requirements:

Writing Guidelines

Review and Winner’s Announcement

The applied works will be evaluated following the criteria listed below:

$1,000 Check will be sent directly to your college.

We run our scholarship program every year.