The Reason You Should Move to New Zealand

North Island or South Island?

New Zealand consists of two main islands. Really, this is the only decision you should be contemplating about moving from Japan to New Zealand. Thing is, they are both amazing and both offer a lifestyle which would be hard to beat anywhere in the world.

Economic Freedom

New Zealand has earned its place as the third “freest” Country in the 2015 index. This essentially means it is a haven for new business start-ups and the perfect opportunity for job seekers looking to make a fresh start with their careers. The tourist sector is strong which enables foreign workers an easy entrance into employment but for anyone with relative experience, banking, insurance and all manner of customer service roles are on offer to the new arrival. That being said, this applies to almost every other sector in the very successful New Zealand economy.


New Zealand has a very young and open minded population where the freedom of their economic situation can also be seen in the very accepting nature of the country's social integration.

Don't be fooled by such an elaborate sentence, it essentially refers to the fact that New Zealand is very much a country of equal opportunities whereby immigrants and foreign workers are highly respected in the same way that the locals have respect for each other.

When moving to a country, social acceptance can often be an issue, so it is nice for new arrivals to know that when they arrive in New Zealand, they can expect a warm welcome.

Expenses & Cost of Living

It can be difficult moving to a new country and covering the start-up costs which are usually needed for renting or getting settled in general.

Thankfully this is something which works a little differently in New Zealand. For example, a huge issue when renting an apartment in a city can be something as simple as paying the first month’s rent up front. In New Zealand, you can pay for services or bills such as rent, on a weekly basis.

The cost of living in New Zealand is less than Australia but providing you have managed to find an income within the first few Months, you should find that covering these costs and having the above felxibility when paying bills, can make things a lot easier for making a fresh start in your new home.

Scenery & Travel

When time or money allows for it, no matter what part of New Zealand you are in, you are guaranteed there is always a place of spectacular beauty a short drive away. This is one of the reasons famous movies such as Lord of the Rings was shot on location in New Zealand; it is incredibly scenic.

Both islands are set up with an abundance of activities and things to do, so that when you do get the chance to look around, you can go diving, surfing, bungee jumping, rafting, mountain biking and so much more.

So which will is be; the North island or the South island?

It really doesn't matter, they both make for one of the most amazing places to live in the world.