Other Q es and Afs for international removal - 2

a) I moved out of Japan last year and shipped some personal effects with your company last year and hope to do so again. I have a question in relation to the following: Can I send my personal effects back to the USA without an airline ticket? I hope to send it a few months prior to my arrival and have a family member collect it for me. Please let me know the details and I will be able to get this sorted without too much delay.

a)I have read the documents you sent me, and I have a little problem.
You require a "reservation confirmation slip," or "copy of e-ticket," or "airline ticket," matching the shipping destination. Unfortunately, our journey back to England isn't very straightforward.

b)@We are looking for an international moving company in Japan. We plan to travel through the USA, Canada, Uruguay, Malaysia and Russia. Because of our budget, we don't know exactly how much time we'll be spending in each country, or when we'll be arriving in England. We can't give you a copy of our ticket home because we won't be buying it until the end of May, and we would be buying it at a train station in Europe.
What do you advise us to do? We will be getting Visas for each of these countries except Europe as we are British Citizens and don't require them. Would copies of the Visas suffice?

-In such cases, for example, if you are moving back to the UK but do not have copies of your e-tickets covering all the flights from Japan to the final destination airport in the UK, your shipment needs to be shipped from Japan as general cargo as opposed to unaccompanied personal effects. There are several points to be considered, and the charges will be different because the customs clearance procedure will be different. Upon receiving your packing list we will need to check to see all items can be shipped and or some more information will be required. Not many international moving companies in Japan handle general cargo as it is much more complicated than personal effects shipments.

I am moving back to Australia from Japan and would like to ship some personal items - mainly clothing and souvenirs to Australia in the form of 2 suitcases. What is the maximum weight allowed per case?
How much extra is door-to-door? e.g. to the suburb of Perth?
Also, how long would this take?

-There is no particular weight limit per box, but we will be arranging collection by one man so it should be okay as long as the pickup agent can load them into the truck himself or with your assistance. If you need an extra person for pickup, please let us know in advance. Also, to minimize the cost, kindly help the driver carry the packages on the day of moving.

Hello, I'll be moving back to the United States from Japan on December 23. So I would like to send my things before then. I haven't finished packing everything, but it will only be a few boxes and a small suitcase. It's all personal items, stationary, clothes, shoes, and books. I would like to send it by air. I doubt it will all be 45kg, but I don't have a scale so I'm not sure. Could you let me know if this is okay.

-This should be okay. We will send you more detailed information and forms to fill out including our application form and packing list forms once you decide to move with us. Please note however, due to New Year Holidays in Japan, the transit time for a consignment picked up around at this time of the year would take longer since the Japanese customs office will be closed for about a week.

The package will be less than 1 cubic meter, so I assume I will be charged the price for 1 cubic meter. I would like a charge estimation for this international move, plus the minimum insurance charge. I will be sending the package to my parentsf home address in the UK.

-Correct. While shipping to some countries the owner of the goods must be in the country to custom clear and receive the boxes, for shipments to UK, you can send them to your family. At the port of Southampton, your shipment needs to be cleared through customs by a customs broker. Send all necessary paperwork to them and pay them and they will arrange customs clearance and delivery to your home.

I am filling out the letter of instruction. What do I put in the Consignees name etc. It says same as shipper, so me, but. then (c/o), which is a Customs Broker if using one I guess, but if I am not using a customs broker, for the address, can I put my cousins address in Australia and the documents I need will be sent there and I can pick them up from his address? I don't have an address in Sydney yet.

-Please indicate your details in Sydney in our application form.
Your customs broker in NSW may want us to indicate their details as either consignee or notify party on the bill of lading so please ask them about this and we will follow their instructions. Normally Australian customs brokers want to have their details indicated as a consignee on the bill of ladings. The carrierfs destination agent will contact our customs broker when the shipment arrives at the destination port.

Thank you for your reply, I understand the breakdown of charges for international moving. Can you please tell me what the total cost would be on the box that is 80cm x 100cm x 90cm 21kg crated and shipped by your company including all the fees and charges and delivered to Chicago. Is that possible for you to do? Also does it make a difference if it is picked up from the store in Tokyo instead of the warehouse outside of Tokyo.

Sorry to keep bothering you but could you please send an application form and confirm that November 2nd will be ok for you to pick up our things. I would like to move out of my apartment by November 11th.
It is getting very close to that date and we are very worried about getting everything done in time.
We would like to proceed with your international shipping services, picking up from our apartment (address as below) on November 2nd. Please email us an application form and/or tell us what other information we need to provide.

I was also wondering what, if any, restrictions there are on the contents of packages sent through your services (eg. Are store-packaged food items such as curry roux, candy, spice mixes etc. permitted?). Or is this depends on the destination country customs regulations?
What payment methods do you accept (eg. credit card or bank transfer)?

-Exactly as you said, the shipping of food items depends on the destination countries customs or quarantine regulations and also the country where the shipment go through. Also there are some international carriers who do not accept any kind of food stuff. Are you moving from Japan to Australia? If so, when sending boxes arrive there, the Australian customs will conduct a customs/quarantine inspection anyway. Carriers offering service to Australia accept foodstuff. You may also want to check with AQIS as to what can be imported prior to your moving day so that you will know what you can ship in advance. The payment method we accept is overseas bank transfer. We do not accept credit cards.

I am getting ready to ship my stuff home, and would like to ask you a couple of questions. First, if I order boxes from you, what size do you recommend for packing books and clothes, which is mostly what I have. I need to order enough boxes for 2 cubic meters. Second, is it possible to buy additional insurance about the 1.5% of declared value?
My shipping destination is the USA.

-For packing books and documents, small size boxes will be good because books are very heavy and you would not want particular boxes excessively heavy. DCK-5W may be good. For clothing and other light items, as they are not heavy, large boxes such as 7W or 8W may be good.

I will be emailing my packing list within the next couple of days and my belongings are ready to be picked up from my apartment in Japan tomorrow. However, I have a question about the customs clearance form. In your guidance notes it says that it is not necessary to send the declaration form to Japan Luggage Express Moving Company; but the customs clearance form says I have to send/fax the completed form and packing lists to the agent, airline or shipping company that is clearing my belongings through UK Customs. Please would you let me know who I should send the form to.

-Okay, so you are moving to the UK? Please send the documents to the company in UK, who will custom-clear your shipment once it arrives. International moving companies in Japan do not require them but they are required on the UK side.

We are thinking of using your moving services but have questions first.

I have been collecting vintage motorcycle parts while here in Tokyo. I have a motorcycle chassis or frame I will box and ship. There is no registration because it has never had a motor, I will buy that when I get to USA. Is there any problem with shipping that? How would I note it on the invoice? This is what it looks like together but I will disassemble into small parts:

- I received an answer from our customs broker with regards to your international move including the items you mentioned.@ Shipping and customs clearance of the chassis should not be a problem, however, it is likely that the customs office asks the shipment be cleared customs as general cargo as opposed to unaccompanied personal effects. If custom cleared as general cargo, more restrictions apply and there will be surcharge (Y6,000). If it is general cargo, some(only some) common personal items become?almost impossible to ship (for example cosmetics etc) so perhaps it would be best to have your packing list well in advance. Also, because of the *compliance* by the particular customs broker we use, information on the material of each item would be required so that they can find out HS code (harmonized tariff code) for each item being shipped.? (Information on what each item does not need to be meticulous but it is required) They recommended that the chassis and other personal effects be custom cleared/shipped separately, but I am not sure if you like this idea since you will need to pay some of the charge twice.

I wrote to you for a quote some months ago (copied below) and am interested in making a booking with you in the near future. Is the quote below still accurate? I have approximately 2.2 M3 to move from Osaka to Toronto (door to port). The wooden crates are heavy but I can help to load them during pickup. I am interested in having this picked up sometime in the next two weeks if possible. The outside (all sides) of the crates are indoor quality plywood. There are braces inside which are also a kind of processed or engineered wood. There is no raw or natural or unprocessed wood in the crates. So I guess it would be OK.

-Normally any crate, pallet or wooden box shipped internationally has skid/feet part so that they can use forklift to move them at?the port or warehouse, so kindly add them.

With regards to some information on the use of wooden materials other than@plywood, ?please refer to our webpage on ISPM 15.

I have actually asked the packing company in Tokyo who we work with as to where such wooden materials are available and they advised that they are available only at special wood suppliers, mostly near the port area, who mainly do business exporters.*They must be fumigated with certain chemicals or treated by heat of 56 for over 30 minutes. The packing company uses wooden material with ISP 15 stamps on them.

In short, you can use plywood or wooden materials which have been treated in accordance with ISMP-15. Such wood have brands/marks on the surface after they have been treated and these would certify.

So, please make sure that you do not use any wooden materials which do not meet the standards of ISPM-15 as the carrier would not load the packages to the container or entry would be denied when the shipment arrives in Canada.

-Thank you for all the trouble in researching about wood and crates. I have attached two photos. One is a picture of the two wooden boxes. The other is the plywood material I used (from a home center). From what you wrote I understand that it is OK to use any plywood as a crate material, but other wooden material must meet ISMP-15 standards. So I assume that the plywood I used is OK. I will replace some of the braces inside with plywood. I will use plywood to add skid/feet to the bottom (about 5cm thickness). Then I assume that the crate material will be OK for export/import.

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