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Consecutive Holidays in Japan 2020

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Consecutive Holidays (Golden Week) in Japan in 2020


April 25 (Sat) Saturday
April 26 (Sun) Sunday
April 27 (Mon)
April 28 (Tue)
April 29 (Wed)  Showa Day
April 30 (Thu)
May 1 (Fri)
May 2 (Sat) Saturday
May 3 (Sun)  Constitution Day
May 4 (Mon)  Greenery Day
May 5 (Tue)  Children’s Day
May 6 (Wed)  Observed Holiday


The Golden Week (consecutive holidays) in Japan in 2020 is so-called “step stone holidays” with holidays, Saturdays and Sundays spread through the period of about two weeks but not quite consecutive for over one week. Still many company employees will take paid leaves and make it a long holiday.  Having said so, this year because of the spread of the new type corona virus, it is certain that less Japanese people will go overseas or travel within Japan and many of popular places to visit will not be crowded.

Showa Day is the birthday of Emperor Showa (1901-1989). This date was originally celebrated as Greenery Day after the Emperor Showa passed away. It changed the name and became Showa Day in 2007. So, many people remember April 29 as the Emperor’s Birth Day. With the enthronement of the new Emperor in 2019, the Emperor’s Birthday is February 24 now.

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