Shipping and Moving from Japan to Bangladesh

Shipping from Japan to Bangladesh

Japan Luggage Express is an international shipping and moving company specialized in shipping of personal effects and commercial cargo. If you are shipping from Japan to Bangladesh, we can help you whether it is via sea or air. Service by air is available to Dhaka Airport and if you are shipping by ocean, we have services available to the port of Chittagong.

About Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country of South Asia. Located at the apex of Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh is a land of fascinating beauty. Once a part of Pakistan, Bangladesh became independent in 1971 through a nine month long liberation war with huge bloodsheds. The official language of Bangladesh is Bangla or Bengali, which is the tenth most spoken language in the world. Bangladesh shares its border with India and Myanmar. Bangladesh is known for its rivers. The three main rivers of Bangladesh the Padma, the Meghna and the Jamuna are among the largest rivers of Asia.

Bangladesh is an emerging tiger in South Asia with the third largest economy after India and Pakistan. Once known for its poverty, huge population and natural disasters, the changing scenario of Bangladesh has been remarkable in recent years. Since its independence from Pakistan in 1971, Bangladesh has achieved notable human development progress in the field of health, education, gender equality, population control and food production. The Noble Peace Prize winning microfinance institution Grameen Bank and the world’s largest non-governmental development agency BRAC symbolizes a dynamic social enterprise sector of the country. Bangladesh is mainly an agriculture based economy that mainly produces rice, jute and tea. It has a significant reserve of natural resources like natural gas, coal and lime stone.

In the last few decades there has been a rapid growth in export oriented industrialization amounting the export over 30 billion US Dollar in 2015. The rapidly expanding industrial sector is dominated by readymade garments, textiles, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, steel, chemicals, ceramic, agro based food processing, cement and leather goods. Bangladeshi nationals working abroad play a significant role in strengthening their homeland’s economy by contributing more than 15 billion US Dollar in 2015, which made foreign exchange reserve of Bangladesh the second highest in South Asia. Japan, China, India, the United States and the European Union are among the major trading partners of Bangladesh.

The Port of Chittagong is the main seaport of Bangladesh and the busiest in South Asia. Chittagong seaport handles over 60 billion USD in annual trade including more than 80% of the country’s export-import trade. Situated in the geo-politically significant region of Asia, the Chittagong port is known as the lifeline of Bangladesh economy. Bangladesh has one of the largest inland waterway network in the world having about 8000 kilometers of navigable waterways.

Bangladesh is a home of panoramic beauties, happy faces, colorful indigenous groups, hills and forests, flora and fauna, sandy sea beaches and wildlife. You will be surprised to see how much variety of attractiveness it can offer you within the small geographic boundary. With an enriched biodiversity Bangladesh is the home of Royal Bengal Tiger. Bangladesh shares world’s largest mangrove forest Sundarban and world’s longest unbroken sea beach Cox’s Bazar. The exhilarating beauty of paddy fields in every villages, the serene sound of lakes and waterfalls in Rangamati, Coral island- Saint Martin, panoramic green roof of Bandarban, rich tribal culture of Chittagong Hill Tracks, tea estates and swamp forests of Sylhet and archaeological sites of Sonargaon are waiting to welcome you to the mysterious land of Bangladesh.