Moving to the United States

Japan is a wonderful place to live. Whether you are enjoying the beauty of world-famous cherry blossoms in springtime or the politeness of complete strangers, there are countless reasons to never wish to leave the land of the rising sun. But sometimes, you simply have to move. Aside from having to leave behind all that Japan has to offer, we know that moving itself can bring with it unwanted stress, anxiety, and depression. Here at Japan Luggage Express, we pride ourselves on making your move as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

In the spirit of creating a stress-free experience, those who are moving from Japan to the USA will be happy to learn from travelers who have previously shared this moving experience. Here are a few reminders of things to look forward to on the other side of the Pacific Ocean:

1.)Reunite with Family and Friends.

Whether you are returning to the United States after an extended stay in Japan or you are moving there for the first time, perhaps you have loved ones waiting for you when you arrive. How nice it will be to catch up with old acquaintances and share stories of your travels and experiences! If no friends or family are awaiting your arrival in the United States, waste no time in making new acquaintances. Having friends and/or family where you are going will help you acclimate to your new living situation much faster than should you face the challenge alone.

2.)Introduce a Variety of Food Choices into Your Diet.

While your waistline may suffer once you are away from the healthy cuisine so abundant in Japan, you will likely enjoy the plethora of food choices widely available for consumption in the United States. If you have any dietary restrictions, the variety of food choices in the United States may help you find items on your restricted regimen. Be very careful that the variety of cuisine in the United States doesnft lead you to make unhealthy choices and gain unwanted pounds. Healthy eating may now take more effort on your part, but it can still be done!

3.)Find Communication a Little Easier.

If you are a native English speaker, you may have found it difficult communicating in such a homogenous culture as Japan. Returning to the United States, you will again be able communicate in English everywhere you go! Donft lose the Japanese language skills you gained during your time abroad! If you are a native Japanese speaker, it should be fairly easy to find resources to help you communicate while living in the United States. Regardless of the language you prefer, you will most likely be communicating using a new smartphone, as phones purchased in Japan will not work in the U.S. Hopefully, these tips and tidbits have helped to make your moving anxiety disappear. Japan Luggage Express has rates available for air cargo starting at 45kg and sea cargo starting at one cubic meter. Our air shipping services deliver to almost all international airports in the U.S. while our sea shipping services deliver to over 80 U.S. cities including Hawaii, New York, Chicago, Boston and Atlanta. So get your paperwork together, put a smile on your face, and leave the moving to us!

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