Moving from Japan to Seville


Moving to Spain?

There are quite a few people who make a move from Japan to Spain or other countries in Europe but perhaps not many people move from Japan to Seville. Although Seville may be a rare destination for international move from Japan, why not discover some great things about the city in Southern Spain by reading this article? This may actually want you to move to this nice area in Spain.

Seville is the artistic, cultural and financial capital of Southern Spain. Itfs renowned for its warm climate and friendly culture, making it an ideal setting for cultural integration. A stroll through the cityfs winding cobblestone streets reveals a wide array of bustling sidewalk cafes and tapas bars, spontaneous flamenco performances and an active nightlife. Itfs is also well known for the grandeur of its Easter Week processions and April Fair. Seville city offers a variety of rich cultural experiences set against historical Roman, Muslim, and Jewish influence. Ifve lived here my whole life and personally Ifm in love with my hometown.

Before starting I have the obligation to remind you that it gets VERY HOT in the summer, I MEAN REALLY HOT, so if you are planning a trip to this wonderful Spanish city, I highly recommend you take water with you when you go out during day time and, probably wear a hat.

Seville is not a huge city but it has many things to see and do so Ifm going to do a list of things you might want to visit in your stay. Getting a map to guide you through the city will help you get around better even though Spanish people are well know for being very friendly. Some might even walk with you to the place if you ask them for directions .

Monuments and museums

The cathedral is a must because itfs the 3rd biggest cathedral in the world and first largest gothic cathedral in the world. Itfs very original and you wonft find another one like this. This originality is achieved because it was built on top of a Muslim mosque. Attached to it you will notice the Giralda (the gtowerh) which is one of the most emblematic monuments of the city. You can go to the top of the Giralda and enjoy the beautiful views of the city. I would also recommend calling the cathedral and asking if they are offering guided tours of the cathedralfs ceiling, if youfre interested in architecture I think it would be very interesting but even if you are not an architecture fan I really think you could enjoy this. I did the visit not long ago and absolutely loved it. TAKE THE CAMERA you will take great pictures there) But once again remember that if you go in summer it will be very hotc

Next to the cathedral you can find a lot of buildings with amazing architecture and a plaza (plaza del Triunfo) that separates it from the Alcazar, a mudejar palace with beautiful architecture and gardens where very important kings of Spain have lived in the past and where the current Kings of Spain stay when they visit the city. It is located in the Jewish quarter and I highly recommend a walk through it . There are great restaurants there, beautiful little places and some hotels that I highly recommend for couples at night time for a romantic cocktail at their terrace.

The University of Seville, the San Telmo Palace, the Pavilions of the 92 EXPO, and the Hotel Alfonso XIII are all incredible buildings that should be visited too.

There is a “new” “building” thatfs called “Las Setas” down town in La encarnacion where you can go up for sightseeing the city.

The Plaza de Espana is also an AMAZING place to visit. Itfs located next to the Maria Luisa park, very famous in the city. Many movies have been filmed there like “Star Wars” believe it or not, “The Dictator”, and many more. Inside the park you will also find some interesting museums like the Archaeologic Museum, the Arts and Customs Museum, etc. And great spots to chill out and enjoy some of the sculptures that decorate the park. The museums you will find there are beautiful and I personally love the design of the buildings.

Near the Cathedral you will find the City Hall located down town where you can also go shopping. The Fine Arts Museum is very close to the City Hall and you will find there paintings of very important painters from Spain (specially baroque) like Murillo, Velazquez, Zurbaran... Ifm an art student and I really enjoy this visit.

But you shouldnft leave without seeing the Triana Quarter. It is the most important quarter of the city. Everyone knows Triana. Therefs a particular place in the Triana bridge where you can take AMAZING PICTURES of the city skyline where you see at once the cathedral, the park, the Giralda, the tower of gold, the Bullringc


Nearby the Fine Arts Museum therefs an American 60fs dinner called Peggie Suefs. Ifm guessing you most of you wonft want to go there because you looking for Typical Spanish Food but itfs a cute place to see.

If you want to eat good food I highly recommend “Los coloniales” itfs a small restaurant near the cathedral where you can eat typical Spanish food and by a REALLY GOOD PRICE (If I were you I would get there very early because it gets full very quick). There are also expensive places but great restaurants in Calle Betis like Abades, San Marco, La primera del puente... Los El Patio San Eloy and 100 Montaditos are very cheap place where you can have montaditos (little sandwiches) for 1 or 2 euros. If you are craving for ice cream, donft worry we have amazing places like RAYAS that is in Reyes Catolicos street (in front of triana bridge) of Gijona Ice Cream shop in Trajano Street (parallel to Reyes Catolicos street.

Nice spots

Next to the cathedral therefs a modern hotel called EME that has a great gazebo where you can have a drink while you enjoy the beautiful view of the cathedral and its Giralda. If I were you Ifd go there at night time, the views are even better. (People usually get dress up for this place, not too much, but they wear good clothes). I do have to say that itfs an expensive place, a Coca Cola can cost you 6 Eurosc but you are paying for the views so once in a lifetime canft be that bad.


You canft leave the city without seeing a FLAMENCO SHOW. There is a flamenco show everyday at 7 in the Museum of Flamenco Art. I recommend you do the guided visit and then see the show. I personally know Kurt (the guide and director of the museum, he is amazing) The owner of the museum is Cristina Hoyos a eally famous flamenco dancer from Spain so her dancers are really good as well. Itfs very close to the Cathedral but itfs a little bit difficult to get there so please ask and search for it time ahead the show starts but donft leave without seeing one.

At night time there are several places where you can go: Calle Betis - itfs one of the most important streets for night live in the city filled with clubs, pubs, restaurants... Itfs next to the river so you can also take great pictures there. Alameda - itfs a plaza down town filled with bars, restaurants, pubs, karaokes, and where almost everyone goes. There are a lot of places to chill out there and there are several ghippieh places hahaha

Alameda - itfs a plaza down town filled with bars, restaurants, pubs, karaokes, and where almost everyone goes. There are a lot of places to chill out there and there are several ghippieh places hahaha

Alfalfa - itfs a small street downtown where young people go to drink. There are usually university students but a lot of people go there.

Groucho - itfs a pub for medium age people where they play live music like rumba, flamenco-pop, modern... Itfs Very Close to los coloniales and the cathedral. (I like this place but itfs pretty small)

Buda (I think the name changed but everyone still knows it as Buda) - itfs a disco/terrace where young people go to dance, drink, and have a great time. Itfs located in the mall gPlaza de armash (this company has many other discos and pubs around the city but you should ask in your hotel which are open during your stay, because depending of the time of the year they open one or they close it)